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Spotlight: Professor Chad Allen

→ American Indian Studies

The American Indian Studies program is an “interdisciplinary field that focuses on the histories, experiences, languages, arts, and cultures of peoples indigenous to the lands that now comprise the United States of America.” (x)

The program works with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Multicultural Center, aiming to promote awareness of Native issues and recruit Native students. Professor Allen was an integral part in the institution of this program.

American Indian Studies (AIS) would not exist at Ohio State in its present form without Allen’s guidance, vision, passion and hard work. He was instrumental in establishing AIS as an interdisciplinary minor and created one of the minor’s core courses, “American Indian Literature and Culture.” He is organizing an international American Indian conference at Ohio State for the 100th anniversary of the first Conference of the Society of American Indians, which was held on campus in 1912.” ( x )
In 2011, Allen received the Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award for his motivation to get the program, the American Indian Studies minor, and the American Indian conference up and running. 

Click here to see a list of courses available under the American Indian Studies program, including English 4586 [ Studies in American Indian Literature and Culture ].