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#WhereAreYouReading? (at Jackson Hole)

#RaymondCarver’s collection of short stories, #Cathderal, is a great read for a great day. #ReadoftheWeek #LifeofanEnglishMajor

Have you read #JKRowling’s new #HarryPotter short story yet? The kids are all grown up, but we’re not sure if walking 20 dogs at once is part of the official narrative.

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How did you celebrate the 4th? (at Whetstone Park Of Roses)

Ohio State is an incredible thing to be a part of! Check out the amazing work our friends in the medical center get to be a part of. 

How are you getting ready for today’s game? #WeBeliebe that we will win! #WorldCup #USAvsBelgium

#WhereAreYouReading? #MiddlePath (at Kenyon College)

"Fascination" by Carl Phillips. From his book, Double Shadow. #WhatAreYouReading?

#WhereAreYouReading? #OSU #TheOval (at The Oval @ The Ohio State University)